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High Vibe Cowork
Merchon Hargrave

Welcome to High Vibe Cowork

Ready to put your goals on the front burner? Growth happens faster with community. Let's go!

About Me

Welcome to the High Vibe Community! This community is a space for you to show up for yourself, your dreams, your business, whatever you are looking to achieve, we're here to support you. From accountability calls, coworking hours, 24-7 discussions, Q&A sessions, and courses, you can find it here! 

Why You Should Join Me

Community is the best way to go after whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Building a business? Have a passion project you're looking to grow? Looking to finally achieve that fitness goal? Find a community. Whether it is High Vibe or another one, I truly believe that finding a community is worth every second to living the life of your dreams. 

A Big Thanks

I wouldn't be here without the amazing supporters I have had.  What started as a "let's see what happens" at the end of 2020, to now helping dozens of women transform parts of their lives, I am full of gratitude on a daily basis that you all continue to show up, for me and for yourself.